Day Out at Media City

TeamHad a fabulous time down at the BBC. Media City, in Salford last Thursday at the finals of the Barclays/BBC University Technology Challenge.  My team from Edge Hill University put on a fantastic presentation of their solution, full cost model, business case and project plan which was the product of many, many hours of hard work.  Sadly they didn’t win, however I’m extremely proud to have worked with them and I know they’ll go on to even bigger and better things.   Our hosts down at Media City were brilliant, and as it was well after breakfast, let us use this sofa for the team shot :)

The buildings and approach to their work at the BBC is an eye opener – I always assumed they had big dedicated studios for everything with big red lights on the doors.  What I saw though was lots of content being created with the minimum of kit, set and fuss, more or less in the office – in clearings inside the desk forest.  There are no “offices” as such, everyone sits out at a regular desk, and programmes are being made all over the place.  The furniture is lovely, creating little rooms within each floor.  Now, they do have some “proper” studios over in the building helpfully labelled “Studios” and there are a couple of more dedicated spaces for the sports reporting.    Couldn’t resist a quick shot in there so here’s one of my friend Julie in the chair.  I used the Nikon 28-300mm again for all of these shots.

Even the views out of the window are spectacular given the right sunset  !  Thanks to Christine Bellamy and the team at the BBC for being such fantastic hosts.





























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