Ever fancied yourself as Red Sonja?

Or Xena? On the 25th and 26th of March I’ll be down at TBG Studios in Newmarket shooting clients in this style. This shoot is part of a women’s empowerment day and is open to any woman: you don’t need to have any modelling skill at all and I guarantee we’ll make you look like a fighting fantasy! This event is the work of Gina Feather, a model who is passionate about demonstrating that models look impossibly good in photos because of great posture, makeup, lighting and re-touching – and that women should not compare how they look every day to these ideals. As a participant on this shoot, we aim to let you see that you too would look just as amazing when given the same treatment!

The finished images are printable at full detail up to 1m high, and you can either get them printed yourself, or we can have them printed for you, with hangers, frames, or as a canvas or aluminium print.

Email ginafeatherbusiness@gmail.com to book your place.

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