Lighting Workshops in partnership with Body Couture Studios

Lighting workshop flyer

I am very excited to be  teaching a workshop on lighting at Body Couture Studios on the 26th January.  The workshop will cover some of the underlying science, a tour of the typical equipment used, and then move on to practical sessions covering how to meter the light, where to place the lights to get hard or soft light, how to adjust the position to balance the lighting on certain features of the subject, how to skim and feather the light and how various modifiers can be used to help achieve these goals.  These will be part demonstration and part hands-on for the attendees.

Finally, we’ll be looking at how to incorporate motion into your shots combining continuous and flash light for a classical dance shot.

The course is suitable for anyone who has never used flash before and wants a jump-start into the world of creative lighting, and people who are familiar with studio lighting and would like to take the next step in controlling the light to get the picture they have in their heads, onto the memory card.

The course is for a half-day on the morning of Saturday the 26th Jan (10am start) At Body Couture Studios in Congleton, Cheshire.  The cost is just £95 and you can book your place by calling Becky at Body Couture Studios on 0772 039 5723.  You can find out more about the studio at








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