I am a photographer based in the north west of England.  I enjoy the technical challenge of capturing all manner of subjects and overcoming the limitations of the current technology and developing new techniques have engaged me in this activity for some years now.    I’ve learnt a variety of techniques over that time, from portrait to landscape, action and  macro.  Of all of my photographic endeavours, I find landscape photography to be the most challenging, and the most rewarding.  Representing the landscape both in terms of what we see (which is so much more than any camera can show) and the moods these views evoke is the challenge of successful landscape photography.  So much is beyond your control, and so much effort and consideration must be applied to get the results.  So when good results are had, they are all the more satisfying.  Its also a great excuse to be in some beautiful and inspiring places.

This web site hosts some images I’ve selected from my catalogue that I like the most, some articles about how some of them were made, and anything else that comes to mind.

I hope you enjoy looking around, and that some of my observations and methods are of use.

My flickr stream – new images usually appear here first:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/owenlloyd/