Low Lying Fog


I love fog.  Use it all the time.  Sometimes though, I just want it on the floor.   Theatres and movie sets have used liquid nitrogen (“dry ice”) for this for a long time.  You can also make regular fog lie on the floor by cooling it down so it becomes denser than the surrounding air.  There are a number of commercial options for doing this ranging from the £90 American DJ “Mr Kool” all the way up to liquid nitrogen foggers.   There are even more DIY solutions involving lots of plumbing, and plastic bins – all of which are huge 🙂

_OHL5026-WebsiteI’ve been playing around with this to discover the most portable and straightforward way of chilling fog down, and I’ve settled on something that creates no mess and is extremely portable.   To make this you will need:-

  • A 1 metre length of collapsible silver ducting about 120mm diameter
  • Some freezer packs – of the type we used to put in “cool boxes” when those were a thing in the 1980’s 😛  I used 7 of these.

To construct the fog chiller, put the freezer packs in the pipe.  That’s it.  Really.   When you strip back all those DIY solutions to what you actually need, there’s no need to seal up connections.  In fact it’s better to leave a gap between the fog machine and the pipe to let the steam condense into a fog before it enters the pipe.  Try and stagger them for maximum surface contact between the fog and packs.  The great thing about a collapsible pipe is that you can keep pulling it as you put the packs in 🙂



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