Macro – some results


Using the setup I described in the last post  (sigma 105mm macro on 3 extension tubes with electrical connection pass-through.  Lighting from one on-camera SB900 with Rogue Flashbender XL II softbox), I captured a few insect shots including this one of two ants farming some aphids on a foxglove.  The ants stroke the aphids to encourage them to release a sweet liquid commonly referred to as “honeydew”.   They defend them from predators (ladybirds mostly) and even carry them to greener pastures when the food is exhausted.  Getting the head in focus took probably about 15 shots on a stepladder.  All the light here is from the flash, firing on TTL at –0.3 EV.

Same setup for the shot below, a Robber Fly.   These insects are carnivorous and suck out the insides of other flies however they also appear to be nectar feeders using the long proboscis to extract it from a variety of different flowers,   This one is on the car – which is white and meant a bit of flash compensation was needed as the camera attempts to dial down the white background to a mid grey.   You need to override this and I dialled in +1.3 EV to the flash.


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