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Ever fancied yourself as Red Sonja?

Or Xena? On the 25th and 26th of March I’ll be down at TBG Studios in Newmarket shooting clients in this style. This shoot is part of a women’s empowerment day and is open to any woman: you don’t need to have any modelling skill at all and I guarantee we’ll make you look like a fighting fantasy! This event is the work of Gina Feather, a model who is passionate about demonstrating that models look impossibly good in photos because of great posture, makeup, lighting and re-touching – and that women should not compare how they look every day to these ideals. As a participant on this shoot, we aim to let you see that you too would look just as amazing when given the same treatment!

The finished images are printable at full detail up to 1m high, and you can either get them printed yourself, or we can have them printed for you, with hangers, frames, or as a canvas or aluminium print.

Email to book your place.

One Light

You can do so much with just one light.  One £30 YN460-II for example.  There really is no excuse for not having at least one flash 🙂

Robert Harrington gave a great presentation at the B&H theatre on getting many looks out of one light – and you can watch it here.  I thought this would make a great live demo for the camera club I belong to and worked out 10 or so looks to present within a 2 hour slot.   I ran through them in a practice session with some fellow photographers and we got it done in 1:45.  It was going to take longer on the night as I’d be waffling on about the light as we went – and hopefully, there would be questions!

Here’s my pick of the looks we did on the night with model Paris Spencer, who always does a great job on these shoots.  For all of these shots, the camera is in manual exposure at 1/160th at F/8 and ISO 64 to 640.  The flash is in manual, and when off the camera, is triggered by using the pop-up in commander mode.   The popup does not fire during the exposure, it’s just used to send data and commands to the remote SB900.

We started with the flash on the camera – left, and the first shot is direct flash.  When should you use this?  Well, probably never unless it’s a bit of fill but as a main light, it sucks.  I wanted to show just how bad flash lighting could be, so we took the mugshot, on the left.  Paris looks like she just got arrested…


_DSC5067-Website _DSC5075-Edit-Website

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Torridon with Ian Cameron


The wellies are now dry.

At the end of January I went up to the west highlands around Torridon on a tour with Ian Cameron.  Ian lives over on the Moray Coast (East coast) of Scotland, so this area is fairly close for him and he’s explored it for a number of years now.    If you are going to somewhere for the first time, it really pays to have someone who really knows the area show you around.

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New workshop date for Feb – now *Sold Out*

New 5 hour workshop on lighting techniques with Body Couture Studios in Congleton.  Unlike the half and half lighting/photoshop workshop on the 19th Jan (which is now sold out), this is a pure lighting and shooting workshop.  Sunday 9th Feb from 11am to 4pm, I’ll be covering from simple, one light portraits up to incorporating movement.  From good light, to dramatic light, using gels, fog and fabric; softboxes, reflectors and grids.  Places are limited to 8 at £45 so call Becky at the studio quick if you want to reserve a place – the workshop on the 19th Jan is now sold out!  (see flyer below for details).  Visit  for location details.

PS and movement workshop poster-Edit

Upcoming workshop in Jan 2014

PS and movement workshop poster - WEBI’m very excited to be running another workshop with Body Couture Studios and Mark Edmondson over in Congleton in January.  Mark’s a very talented and highly published glamour, boudoir and performance art shooter and he’ll be running a Photoshop essentials class – while I go through using movement in your shots!  We’ll have 2 groups on the day, and Mark and I will run our classes simultaneously – and then swap groups at half time.  This way we can get smaller groups and a full day of content.  Shame I won’t be able to listen in on Mark’s class though…

We have a *lot* to pack in in the 2.5 hours per session and it I’m really looking forward to this – and it’s really great value at £45 for a total of 5 hours of workshop time, plus break.  If you’d like to learn about essential Photoshop techniques for finishing your studio shots, and spend some time learning how to get movement into your images, call Becky at the Studio to book your place now as spaces are strictly limited to 8 per group.  All you’ll need is your camera and tripod – see flyer for details.

Our subject for the movement class is the very talented Ellie Anderson.  I’ve worked with Ellie a few times now and she a fantastic model – and dance teacher.